Monday, March 7, 2011

Jewelry We Love: MICHE MOZAIX

Miche Mozaix consists of the creative mother/daughter team of Deborah and Lauren Asberry, self-taught jewelers who devised a way of securing bits of clay together using grout as their adhesive!

They use fresh clay, custom glazes and grouts to create a unique style of mosaic jewelry and art pieces you won't find anywhere else. Due to the process they use to create the pieces, most of Miche Mozaix's jewelry is reversible and versatile.

Their style is very different from 'traditional' mosaics and the tiles are NEVER broken. The jewelry line was introduced late in 2009 and has continued to evolve as Deborah and Lauren add additional styles and finishes to the line.

One of Deborah and Lauren's core beliefs is that it is vital to give back whenever possible and make opportunities for the jewelry to benefit others. Lauren designed both the 'Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece' Necklace and the 'Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon' Necklace so that a portion of their sales can benefit their respective causes. For National Heart Health Month, they introduced a piece called 'Heartbeat'. It consists of two tiles with the grout in place of the heartbeat line.

The most sought after pieces include the 'Peace Sign' jewelry line, which is available in a variety of colors and finishes and on everything from sterling silver ear wires to macrame chokers for men. They also create bookmarks, key chains and even bobby pins so giving MICHE MOZAIX as a gift is always in style!

Hip Chick Zine spoke to the ladies behind the jewelry line.

HCZ: What inspires you?
We're both inspired by the tropical breezes and colors of places like the Caribbean Islands. We'll be traveling there in early March to soak up some sun and inspiration and hopefully share some of our jewelry designs down there!

HCZ: What's your favorite travel destination?
Dominican Republic is a favorite destination, but also places like Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico are so colorful and lively like the feeling we try to translate into our jewelry. It's a stark departure from the frigid cold we experience here in Cleveland, Ohio!

Check out and support their jewelry revolution by clicking here. Their store can also be found here.

Contest Winner: Getting Back In The Saddle

By Vivianna Jones

Two weeks after I filed for divorce, on one of those magical October nights with a harvest moon and a surprisingly warm breeze, I found myself naked, on top of a gorgeous man two-thirds my age, in a small orange tent, beside a dying bonfire, with perhaps a few too many beers in my belly.

To call it a date would be an outright lie. There was no phone call, no assigned meeting time and place, no primping or prepping in front of the mirror considering whether or not my butt looked fat. No, indeed, it was my first-ever, and probably last, one-night stand. Err… correction… five-hour stand.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for cowboy hats, overalls, big muscles and curly brown hair, and Ben was four for four. So after sharing some campfire stories, and making sure I knew his last name, into the tent we went for some Whoopie Ki-yi-yay!

Please, before you slap a scarlet letter on my chest (I was still married,) or label me a whore, spare me just this once? After seventeen years of monogamy, the last three of which were a true test of endurance, and knowing that my husband was seeing another woman, I needed this. It was the final nail on the coffin that contained my marriage. It was a freedom ride on my journey towards liberation. It was puddin’ proof that the girl still got it!

Thankfully, the taste of hot young flesh didn’t turn me into a middle-aged vamp. Nor did I become a stalker of the sexy stranger. Instead, the memory of that one night helped me through the next seven or eight months. I was able to go about the painful business of dissolving my marriage, knowing that when I was ready, after I properly grieved, I could get back on the horse and ride again.

I blush to think of that naughty night many moons ago, but I’m saddled with no regrets. Tonight, beneath my rosy cheeks is a wide grin – probably reminiscent of the smile I was able to conjure up occasionally despite my general sadness at that time of my life. It’s not the toothy smile that immediately precedes laughter, or the one that comes to your face when you open a door and see someone you love. It’s a lips-together grin that reminds you that things were once okay, and will be again.

“Hi-yo, Silver. Away!”

Vivianna Jones is a still-single mother of two, whose hobbies include writing and, as of recently, horseback riding. ;) She’s currently busy praying that her 13-year-old daughter doesn’t stumble across this article. “Purely fiction, Darling!”

* Vivianna won the copy of the book "Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped or Distracted" by Judith Sills, Ph.D.

Friday, March 4, 2011


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