Sunday, September 30, 2012

BOOK WE LOVE: Apron Anxiety

Apron Anxiety: My Messy Affairs In and Out of the Kitchen by Alyssa Shelasky (Three Rivers Press).

Alyssa Shelasky is the New York editor for Grub Street at New York magazine, and is the creator of the blog Apron Anxiety. She wrote this witty, heartwarming, and entertaining book about her tumultuous relationship with a famous chef, and how she conquered her kitchen fears. Shelasky writes, "Alas, I am sorry to admit that I have had many pleasures that far exceeded even the most celestial meal. It's just that those pleasures didn't change my life. Something else did-something sweet, savory, salty... and oftentimes unattractive, overcooked, and underseasoned. The truth is I was accidentally anchored by the apron" (2). Shelasky is a free spirit with a glamorous New York City lifestyle full of glitzy parties and hot sex when she meets Chef, a career-obsessed but charming man who she ends up following to Washington, D.C. In the move, Shelasky leaves her career, support network, and busy social life, and intense loneliness sets in as Chef spends much of his time at the restaurant or on the road. In her unexpected free time, she decides to boot her kitchen phobia with a scrumptious, homemade mac 'n' cheese and arugula salad. The book is part memoir, part cookbook, and beautifully written. It is an honest account of one woman's journey to finding herself and discovering happiness in an unexpected place: the kitchen.

Clearly, I like a delicious romance story with a sprinkling of recipes. I also recommend this book.

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