Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Style Q&A: Make Fashion Your Own

Black and white is back in style but it's so bland. How can I spice it up?

Today's black and white essentials are far from boring. Personally, I love wearing black because it’s sophisticated, elegant and slimming. Look for black and white pieces that are fitted, with a slightly edgy cut or with tasteful embellishments. You can always dress up basic black and white with chunky jewelry or a colorful scarf. For evening, choose dresses that flow over your curves like silk and chiffon, and wear with beautiful dangling earrings. Also, many white pieces are touched with bohemian lace that no longer resembles something your grandmother would wear. My favorite way to wear black and white? Pair black and white with a colorful accent, like cobalt blue flats.

I love fashion, but I fall victim to trends and just as I'm catching up from last month, it's out of style. How can I stay up to date?

You should be less concerned with following trends and more focused on discovering your personal style. To start, you should buy several essential items that never fall out of style, like elegant scarves, cotton cardigans, and black pants. Check out vintage stores to find one-of-a-kind steals. When your clothing base is strong, you will only have to buy one or two new items, such as accessories, to update your seasonal style. Being stylish does not require running to the store every month and blowing your hard-earned cash.

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